Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tha Hawtness (Part 1 of 3)

SeXXXy, Butterscotch tone, thick as can be,
what did I do, to deserve this sensual Queen, next to me?
Whatever it is, this chance, I can't miss,
to talk to her body, in code, with a kiss.
Caress slowly, her thighs,
gaze deep, into her eyes.
Pull her close, to my chest,
anxiously awaiting, the rest.
Feeling her legs part slowly, I begin my descent,
to her neck, her breasts, longing for her scent.
Dragging my lips on her skin, 
as I go further down south,
In a heavy breathe, the words, "are you ready?" 
fall out of my mouth.
I pull up on her skirt, and it's just what I need,
no panties to remove, so my tongue shall proceed.
Kissing softly the lips, as I did the ones up above,
except these lips down here, were dripping with love.
Her hands grip in my locks, and she pulls me in,
she was already aroused, juices soaking my chin.
I reach around her thighs to grab a handful of ass,
gently squeeze one and smack the other.
setting her up to come,
one right after another.
Licking between the outer lips, cherish her treasure,
extending my tongue, to look up, 
and revel in her pleasure.
Not speaking a word, and continued my meal,
her moaning and purring, for me closed the deal.
Pacify her clitoris, coaxing it out of hiding.
nibbling, kissing, until its nectar she's providing.
Her legs start to shiver, her body confessed,
She came for her King. 
With her honey, I've been blessed.

*Drops the mic*

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Getting Reacquainted

It was the way our eyes met. 
That is a moment that I will never forget.
It was like a stare, a lifelong gaze
Her smile, wrapped in a beautiful face, had me in a daze.
As my eyes started to roam along the defined lines
She broke the ice with words of engagement
It stopped the progression of the sought after view,
Of remaining portions of her body that I wished to examine.


It was the way she said it that aroused my curiosity even more.
Soft, kind of, shy, but with intent to keep eye contact.
I was frozen in time for what seemed like forever
But her lips moving slowly brought my motor skills back.
It was just a few seconds, but felt like an hour
The word “Hi” fell out, in the midst of me regaining power
She said it had been too long and she was glad to see me
I told her that It was my fault and the night’s pleasure would be because of me.

The way she walked was like no other
She had a sway that melted me like butter
But I was far from soft
Each stride
Mimicked a glide
Couldn’t wait to get on that ride
To slide
Let me control myself before I bust
It is a mutual love filled with a ton of lust
She is one of very few
With my heart that I trust

Finally, we are here.
We enter
Trade light conversation

The way that she touched me left me in an emotional spin
I remember saying the last time
“I can’t wait to love you again”
Gently touching my hands
Moving up my forearms
Rubbing my biceps
Caressing my shoulders
I remove my shirt and allow her to place kisses on my flesh
All while I admire her curves, top and bottom.
“I missed you” she says.
I let out a small moan, letting her know that her very being was enough for me.
Unbuttoning her blouse to expose her plump Breasts
Unhooking her bra, letting it fall in my lap
Listening to her release a sigh of anticipation.
“I missed you so much” she says in a heavier tone
“Show me” I say in a daring voice

The way her lips felt left me at a loss for words
Taking my half hard membrane in her hand
“this drives me crazy” she says while looking at it
I feel myself growing harder without her doing much
The anticipation drives me insane and without warning
She places her mouth on me.
Kissing on the head
Licking the shaft
And up again.
Repeated moans and sighs from yours truly
Let her know that I loved everything she did to me.
Fully hard now she gags and chokes on one of my best physical assets.
Leaving it drenched in saliva she stands and drops her skirt
“Take it” she says while licking her lips.

The way she stood there daring me to touch her.
I slide down to the floor and look directly up at her pussy.
“Have a seat” I demand
As she slowly descends I feel drops of her juices hit my face
Down she comes placing her lips upon mine
Blessing my face with moisture that is far from Holy
I invade her insides like a thief in the night
Her thighs squeeze my cheeks tight
I reach upward, with my tongue, with all my might.
What I taste taste turns to vision, her love just in sight
She streams my name…………….
Her body shaking, quivering,
Hips moving with each thrust
I feel, pleasing her, is a mutha fukkin MUST

The way she slid down
Dragging her love lips over my chest.
Down the upper portion of my chest
Making contact with the tip of her favorite “Piece of me”
Kissing my neck as she prepares for entry.
“Are you ready?”  She asks

To Be Continued

Most Wanted
March 2012