Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tha Hawtness (Part 1 of 3)

SeXXXy, Butterscotch tone, thick as can be,
what did I do, to deserve this sensual Queen, next to me?
Whatever it is, this chance, I can't miss,
to talk to her body, in code, with a kiss.
Caress slowly, her thighs,
gaze deep, into her eyes.
Pull her close, to my chest,
anxiously awaiting, the rest.
Feeling her legs part slowly, I begin my descent,
to her neck, her breasts, longing for her scent.
Dragging my lips on her skin, 
as I go further down south,
In a heavy breathe, the words, "are you ready?" 
fall out of my mouth.
I pull up on her skirt, and it's just what I need,
no panties to remove, so my tongue shall proceed.
Kissing softly the lips, as I did the ones up above,
except these lips down here, were dripping with love.
Her hands grip in my locks, and she pulls me in,
she was already aroused, juices soaking my chin.
I reach around her thighs to grab a handful of ass,
gently squeeze one and smack the other.
setting her up to come,
one right after another.
Licking between the outer lips, cherish her treasure,
extending my tongue, to look up, 
and revel in her pleasure.
Not speaking a word, and continued my meal,
her moaning and purring, for me closed the deal.
Pacify her clitoris, coaxing it out of hiding.
nibbling, kissing, until its nectar she's providing.
Her legs start to shiver, her body confessed,
She came for her King. 
With her honey, I've been blessed.

*Drops the mic*

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